About Us

Integrity Development was founded in 1984 with the purpose of using its resources to further the Kingdom of God.

Integrity is a consulting company that helps churches and other non-profit organizations fulfill their mission through the maximized use of their assets.

We have consulted with a variety of churches ranging in size from under 1,000 members to 30,000 or more members. The company has experience with many diverse aspects of church growth and value relationship in everything we do. Integrity Development brings insight and knowledge not easily matched by other church consultants.

With the advantage of owning subsidiaries in the oil and gas, aviation, and environmental industries. As such, we can assist with much more than your real estate needs.

Integrity Development will exert every effort toward achieving our clients’ goals within your prescribed budget and schedule. We will find innovative ways to overcome your obstacles and solve your challenges.

We have built a company out of serving others, and we look forward to serving with you to expand the Kingdom even further.