New Birth Missionary - Cathedral

Status: Complete

Service Provided: Developer / Owner’s Agent / Assisted in Financing

Location: Decatur, Georgia

Square Footage: 320,000

Architect(s): Sizemore Floyd/Legacy Management

Contractor: Beers Construction Co.


“As with any project of this size and complexity, there are going to be issues that arise between the respective members of the Construction Team. It is how those issues are handled which define whether the project succeeds or fails. Jim always treated us with respect and honesty, and within this environment we found it possible to create and maintain the positive attitudes and motivation that is required to create success. Because of Jim’s thorough grasp of the construction process he was able to facilitate a cohesive team approach.”


“Jim conducted himself in an open and honest manner with the highest degree of integrity. He conscientiously watched over the church’s interest, yet maintained a balanced approach to the entire team and project.”


Robert M. Mills   

Group Vice President

Atlanta, GA

Beers, A Shanska USA Company


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