Vision: Interpret and optimize conceptual version of client’s projects and convert to building reality. Determine most advantageous and cost effective method to accomplish client’s goals.

Planning/Land: Initiate and determine appropriate land or building site. Negotiate and coordinate purchase. Respond to all applicable municipalities requirements. Resolve zoning issues. Coordinate all planning issues with city officials, lawyers, engineers, contractors, etc.

Financing: Work with clients in determining the most advantageous method to fund their projects. Coordinate issues of Financing with bank(s), investors, lending institutions, fund raising, accountants, comptrollers, etc.

Architectural: Develop conceptual and artistic models / renderings. Convert approved renderings to finished “blue prints”. Identify all land and building specifications and approve all specified building materials.

Budget: Assess all aspects of the project and develop comprehensive budget. Review and determine all changes and evaluate their potential impact on the overall budget.

Schedule: Develop and maintain adherence to the established schedule objectives. Review and assure all changes to the project schedule are implemented in a timely manner.

Builder: Identify and procure the services of all required contractors and sub-contractors. Oversee all aspects of work performed by contractors with particular emphasis upon quality of work completed, budget and schedule adherence.

Overseer: Maintain effectual control of all phases of the new venture development. Identify and resolve all problems in order to assure the optimum transition from concept to finished project at the earliest time possible. Assure accurate and timely communications with all key parties. Provide appropriate progress reports to client.

Responsibility: As primary project overseer, to assume responsibility for development, control, monitoring, problem resolution, budget/schedule adherence, financing, regulatory compliance, and quality control.